April 2016. Three young designers who were awarded by MOS Matter of Stuff visited Elle Marmi and its sister company ElleArte. The competition for architects, artisans, artists and designers ended in February 2016 with the nomination of 6 winners – three for the category Marble and three for the category Metal.

In the category marble the designers Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny (Slovakia), Olga Bielawska (Germany) and Nina Cho (USA) were awarded. They won a 1-week-trip to Italy which was organized mainly by Carrara Design Factory and its founder Carla Beccari. The young designers visited the quarries above Carrara and the workshop of Elle Marmi and ElleArte.

This way they had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the complexity and pure elegance of the white marble of Carrara. In the workshop of Elle Marmi they got to know the different machines for processing marble and other stones, such as CNC Waterjet for creating ornaments and inlays, CNC contouring/shaping machine, CNC bridge saws, edge polishing machines, calibrating and grinding machines, diamond wire saw and tilter. Also the stone-library of Elle Marmi was very much appreciated by the international designers. They were amazed about the various possibilities which the various machines and different marble types offer. On the other hand they appreciated very much the fact, that most of the work pieces are still finished and controlled by hand. Furthermore it became evident that every work piece made of marble or other natural stones is unique and unrepeatable.

After the visit at Elle Marmi’s workshop the designers went to see some of the Artworks manufactured by ElleArte in the associated Art Studio of Giorgio Angeli. Here the designers got to know the pure artistic aspects of processing marble and had the opportunity to observe an artist at work. They enjoyed the artistic atmosphere, the garden of the sculptures and were impressed by the possibilities which Elle Arte and Studio Angeli offer.

After an intense afternoon the artists referred that they were already thinking of designing new projects knowing now the various processing possibilities and having seen the “raw material” within its natural surroundings.

16.04.19 MOS-Award winners 2016 Ristorante

Elle Marmi promised the young designers technical support whenever necessary and thanked MOS and Carrara Design Factory for the opportunity of sharing its knowledge and passion for the marble of Carrara.


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