Statuario is one of the most famous white marble types known all over the world. It is quarried in the mountains above Carrara, and was already used during the Roman era for sculptures and decorative works.

Artists like Michelangelo preferred the prestigious and luxurious Statuario Ravaccione because of its crystalline and luminous structure which allows precise and fine sculpturing profiles.

Today Statuario is still used for traditional design but its role in modern architecture and internal design is growing continuously. Very stylish bathroom, flooring and wall cladding elements in Statuario have become a trend.

Statuario is prevalently available in two different qualities: Statuario “A”, which is very white and Statuario venato, which has marked grey veins within a white background.

Statuario Venato                    Statuario A

Floor Patterns

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