The ISO certification is the internationally recognized proof for competence and comparability of a company and shows the intent and capability to react quickly and in a flexible way to changing customer and market requirements.

Already in 2007 Elle Marmi s.r.l. underwent the certification process in order to be ISO certified for the first time. This way we demonstrated one of our company’s principles: First class Quality Management.  Today we are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (see ISO-Certification)

We document every single step – from planning to purchasing to processing and shipping. A slab or block is not just a slab or block it is chosen for a specific project, satisfying specific needs with its specific characteristics. Our technical department takes care of all processing steps and provides support in form of cut sheets, proposals etc. The workshop realizes your projects with enthusiasm and precision and almost every single piece is finished by hand. For shipping the most suitable packaging is chosen in order to deliver real high quality.

But our support does not stop at this point we also provide after sales support: Whenever you need suggestions regarding installation and care we will be at your side.