Elle Marmi produces exclusively in its workshop in Carrara, Italy. The workshop is equipped with high precision cutting equipment such as CNC Waterjet for creating ornaments and inlays, CNC contouring/shaping machine, CNC bridge saws, edge polishing machines, calibrating and grinding machines, diamond wire saw and tilter.
Elle Marmi’s artisans give a final touch by hand to a great part of the machine-produced single pieces and realize special finishings such as chiseled surfaces.
Before packing the single pieces are dry-laid, numbered and photographed – demonstration is possible also online. This way the agreed pattern is guaranteed and immediately visible for the architect and the customer. Most of the goods are delivered packed in wooden crates to guarantee first quality packaging and safe shipping. The different crates are numbered and listed together with their contents on a packing list in order to simplify logistics and installation on-site.
Elle Marmi is always pleased to welcome customers and organize a guided tour through the workshop and the marble, granite and stone library.