Nero Zimbabwe is a very uniform black material with little grey reflexes that is quarried in Zimbabwe.

Although it is widely called “granite” according to the European Standard it is a gabbro, which means that its mineral composition is very similar to basalt.

Nero Zimbabwe is very resistant to frost and abrasion. Therefore it can be used also for outdoor applications, such as facades, columns, staircases, ecc.

Nero Zimbabwe is modern, elegant, fancy, neutral and timeless which means that it is a real all-rounder which provides extraordinary effects in traditional and modern applications. Besides the traditional polished and matt finish it is also available with a flamed and brushed surface, leather finish and other special finishes.

Nero Zimbabwe is available in large quantities and therefore suitable for huge projects.



Nero Zimbabwe, Moulding elements for a façade, polished, Project in Moscow (2012)






Nero Zimbabwe, flamed and brushed


Nero Zimbabwe, polished