Creme Floreal is a homogenous light beige French Limestone which is used for many different indoor and outdoor applications (it is frost resistant) including flooring and façade cladding. It is quarried in 3 layers, called 3, 4 and 5 which distinguish themselves regarding tonality of the color and strength of the material. It is recommended to not mix layer 3 and 4 with layer 5 material where the difference in color is visible.

This multi-purpose material is not only characterized by its soft and warm color, it also demonstrates some fossils of Gasteropods (snails) and Lamellibranches (bivalve shellfishes) which give it a “flowered” look explaining the name Creme Floreal. The deeper the matrial is carved the more fossils it includes.

It is available in different finishings of which the standard finishings are: Polished, honed, brushed/anticato, sandblasted and flamed.

Creme Floreal was used for prestigious projects all over the world.

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