Working natural stone requires not only the right machinery, specific know-how regarding properties of the various materials plus their appropriate use, processing and application is essential. More than 70 years of experience have led to a very sophisticated knowledge and an experienced Technical Department able to offer the following services … Read more

Andrea Luciani himself chooses the marble directly in the quarries. His profound experience and knowledge guide him in deciding for the right block meeting the physical and esthetical requirements/specifications. This guaranties premium quality and traceability. Regarding additional equipment such as mounting structures and the technical department provides it’s input in … Read more

Elle Marmi produces exclusively in its workshop in Carrara, Italy. The workshop is equipped with high precision cutting equipment such as CNC Waterjet for creating ornaments and inlays, CNC contouring/shaping machine, CNC bridge saws, edge polishing machines, calibrating and grinding machines, diamond wire saw and tilter. Elle Marmi’s artisans give … Read more

For Elle Marmi Quality Control is one of the most important topics starting off with the material being chosen personally by experts in the quarry and that it’s origin is guaranteed and traceable. On request a quality certificate can be released. During processing the material is continuously controlled regarding colour, … Read more

Collaborating with architects and constructors all over the world Elle Marmi avails of an internationally orientated Sales & Management team communicating in Italian, English, French and German. Always up-to-date concerning new workmanship techniques, new design aspects and brand new materials, Elle Marmi invests continuously in services, material information and samples.

Marketing is an important communication tool for ELLE MARMI s.r.l. distributing information regarding new materials, special projects, events, news and particular aspects concerning the use of marble and other natural materials. For the latest information you may need please check the EM-Blog.

Intense and professional communication with customers represents a great part of Elle Marmi’s success. Responding in Italian, English, French and German facilitates simple and clear communication and quick answers. Online even time differences are easy to handle. Whenever you need information, quotations or technical advice your answer will reach you … Read more